In episode four, Dr. Wang visits Rwanda, and while being there, catches an mysterious ailment that causes many to lose their speech...

In the third episode, we have arrived in London to talk about pain, and especially the invisible, immeasurable kind. I’m advised on this topic by one of London’s pain experts, Dr. Pierre-Jean Cousin. Tune in to discover how to locate pain, how can we cure pain, and how to heal a broken heart.

For our first episode, I travelled to Beirut, Lebanon, to answer two listeners questions: one about a problem that affects one in four women, another asking the question on all our minds. I'll also investigate the introduction of Chinese medicine in Lebanon. and talk about the ailment that effects almost every Lebanese. 

Wondered what Dr. Wang did while she was away? Listen to the promo for the new season to find out…

For the second episode, we have landed in Paphos, Cyprus, to discuss issues related to being away from home with Dr. Charis Theocarous, who was the first European to complete a Bachelor’s degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Tune in to discover how to make oneself feel at home, how to build a new home, and what happens when you discover that what used to be the home has turned into something else.

A brief introduction to Dr. Wang, and what's awaiting in the coming lunar months.


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